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How to Customize Lead List Layout

PropStream is a powerful tool for many real estate professionals, from investors to agents and lenders to appraisers. Depending on how you use the platform, you can customize the data that your lead lists display, tailoring the information and exports to your specific needs. 

To learn more about how to customize a lead list, check out this video:

Video Transcript: How to Customize Lead List Layout

To customize your lead list layout in PropStream, head to “My Properties” and locate the gear icon in the top right corner. 

This menu allows you to curate the information displayed in your lead list. Simply tick the options you wish to include; your choices will be reflected in your lead list and export. Feel free to delve into each category, fine-tuning your marketing lists.

Once you've crafted your ideal layout, take a moment to name it and decide whether you want it to serve as the default for all lead lists within your PropStream account. Check the box next to “Use as Default Layout” to make this layout universal. Leave it unchecked if you prefer this layout to apply only to the current marketing list. To finalize your choices, hit “Apply & Save.”

With your customized layout in place, your marketing list and export file will now exclusively feature the information you've selected.