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How to Build a Cash Buyers List

PropStream has been collecting data for over 15 years now, so the scope of our nationwide property database is huge and you'll find a lot more than just pre-foreclosures on the platform. This includes cash buyers! With the tools on PropStream, finding a list of cash buyers in your market couldn't be any easier. 

To learn more, check out this video:

Video Transcript: How to Build a Cash Buyers List

Here are some best practices when building your next cash buyers list. First, pull up your market and go into our Search filter. Locate the Quick List choices dropdown menu and select Cash Buyers. 

Now go to property characteristics and choose the exact buyer that you need. Start with classifications. If you need a residential buyer, then select residential, if you need a commercial buyer, select commercial. If you need both, select both. If you need both, select both.

Once you've made your classification selection, go to the property types dropdown menu and tell us the exact property type you need for that classification. For this example, I'm going to choose Single Family and duplex.

After you choose your classification and property type, consider using the additional property characteristics right below, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, Maybe even the Your Bill.

Once you've applied your property characteristics, head over to ownership info. This area, you can narrow down the type of owner you need, whether it's an individual buyer, a corporate buyer, maybe a trust buying properties.

Also, because PropStream has so many records that date so far back, you might need to narrow down the last sale date.

For this example, I'm going to look for buyers starting January 1st of 2021. Another cool feature is the number of Property Owned filter. This will allow you to find a buyer who has multiple properties. For this example, I want a buyer that has five to 15 properties under their portfolio. Now I can hit close at the very bottom and my unique cash buyers are here on the right-hand side.

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