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How to Get Seller Leads with PropStream’s Mortgage and Interest Rate Data

Learn more about our mortgage-related filters and interest rate data. These new features include additional options for customizing the layout in “My Properties.” This information is helpful for agents, investors, and lenders alike while complementing our 120+ filters. Find out how to get seller leads by watching the video below.

To learn more about our mortgage and interest rate data, check out this video:

Video Transcript: Mortgage and Interest Rate Filters

Fun fact: Did you know that we have over 193 Million Mortgage Datapoints? And to add to that, I just wanted to let you know we added some brand new mortgage and interest rate data points, which include 4 filters and 2 fields. 

This update is perfect for investors and lenders to get an edge on the competition and give them additional insight when talking with homeowners.

The new filters are:

  • Loan Type
  • Total Estimated Monthly Payment
  • Estimated Interest Rate
  • Interest Rate Type

As for the two new data fields, now you can see Estimated Interest Rates as well as Interest Rate Type.

Having access to this loan data allows you to understand the equity a homeowner has accumulated for a property, which gives you a leg up as you enter the negotiation process. The interest rate data allows you to uncover any potential financial strain, adding to their list of motivators to sell. For example, if an owner has an adjustable rate, their monthly payment will rise as interest rates increase. If the owner has other signs of financial hardship such as a lien, bankruptcy, or divorce, this increase may be enough to push them to sell.

And for all you lenders out there, you can target properties with high estimated interest rates for candidates likely to refinance. Additionally, homeowners with multiple loans may be interested in consolidating these loans into one to lower their monthly payments. Homeowners may even want to move from an adjustable rate to a fixed-rate mortgage with federal interest rates set to rise.

The filters are found under “Mortgage Info” from the filter menu. The first filter is for Loan Type, which will allow users to search for properties with a specific loan type that is currently open. This includes:

  1. FHA
  2. Conventional
  3. VA
  4. Credit Line
  5. Reverse Mortgage
  6. Commercial
  7. Construction
  8. Other

Next, there is a Total Estimated Monthly Payments filter. It gives users the ability to search properties with a specific loan payment amount or range. This filter combines all four possible open loans and converts them to an estimated monthly payment.

Additionally, we’ve included an Estimated Interest Rate filter from public records. With this, users can search for properties with an estimated loan interest rate on their open loans. 

Finally, there is a filter for Interest Rate Type. This new filter allows users to target properties with a specific interest rate type, up to two decimal places. It includes:

  1. Fixed-Rate
  2. Adjustable
  3. Variable Rate
  4. Step Investment Rate
  5. Other
  6. Unknown

Now, you can search using any of these filters or stack them together. The two new data fields can be found under Property Details as well as the Mortgage and Transaction History page. 

For those that need this information to help manage their lists, it is also available to view or export from the “My Properties” section. Select the gear above your list and you can find these new data fields listed under Open Loan and Calculations. Check the box next to the data field you need on your spreadsheet, then click Apply.

At PropStream, we’re always striving to improve and provide the best experience possible to our users. Thanks for choosing PropStream!