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How to Search by APN with PropStream

PropStream offers many ways to search for properties nationwide, from county-level market searches to a specific property address. You can even use PropStream to search for properties by the assessor’s parcel number, or APN. 

Video Transcript: How to Search by APN with PropStream

An assessor’s parcel number is a unique number assigned to parcels of property such as land by the tax assessor of the property jurisdiction, which is used for record-keeping and tax purposes of such property.

Your area may use a different term with the same meaning, so here is a quick list of commonly used alternatives to assessor parcel number:

  • Assessor's identification number (AIN)

  • Property identification number (PIN)

  • Property identification (PID)

  • Property account number

  • Tax account number

  • Sidwell number

To search for properties by APN using PropStream, start by typing “APN” in the search bar and then adding a hashtag. Be sure to insert 1 space before typing out the full parcel number. Since these numbers are only unique within that tax assessor’s jurisdiction, you will also need to provide the county and state of the property.