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Mar 14, 2022 PropStream

How Real Estate Agents Can Make the Most of Their Marketing Efforts

Have you noticed the real estate competition getting fiercer in your market? It’s not your imagination!

The number of Realtors in the U.S. grew from 1.4 million in 2019 to 1.56 million by October 2021. This means agents need to make the most of their marketing efforts to stand out.

Here are four actionable ways to maximize your marketing efforts in today’s competitive market conditions. 

1. Niche Down and Tailor Your Message to Your Target Audience

If you’re trying to reach every buyer and every seller in your city, you’re essentially competing with every real estate agent in your market. However, if you choose a niche, you might be one of only a few agents serving the unique needs of that specific demographic. 

When you understand your niche, you can create targeted messaging that truly resonates with your audience. You might have fewer leads, but you’ll dramatically increase your chances of converting each of those leads into clients. 

Military service members and veterans, employees of your local university, or the 55-and-up community are all great niches. Your pipeline will always be full when you become the go-to agent for that niche.

Inc. even published an article called "Niching Down Is an Entrepreneur's Best Chance of Standing Out" to demonstrate how choosing a niche helps you differentiate yourself in any market and increases profitability. Spend some time with your target audience to understand what matters most to them. What are their pain points? Fears? Hopes? Motivators? How can your marketing speak to them on their terms?

2. Have a Website of Your Own

In the 2020s, you need your own website (not just a page on your broker’s site). Having a website of your own instantly boosts your marketing efforts in a few different ways:

  • It establishes credibility, even if you’re a new agent.
  • You can show your local market knowledge and provide value to your prospects and clients. 
  • It gives you a hub for your leads. You can even have QR codes embedded on your business cards (digital and printed cards), so your leads can be taken directly to your site to learn more about your services.
  • Having a website allows you to generate organic leads through blogging (which is a form of content marketing—- more on that coming up).

There are several options for getting your own site. You can hire a professional web designer, pay a monthly fee for a real estate website builder, or even build a professional site on your own

3. Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing is what you do when you provide valuable information to your audience to market yourself, as opposed to just promoting your services. Business owners love content marketing because it costs 62% less than traditional marketing while bringing in three times as many leads (according to Demand Metrics). 

Take monthly newsletters, for example. You can create an informative article on the buying or selling process for your newsletter. Then, using PropStream’s list management tools, you can generate a list of potential clients in your niche before performing a skip trace to get their email addresses. 

This allows you to send your newsletter digitally to contacts within your niche. As they read the article, they grow to trust you based on your knowledge and insights. Eventually, they may want to work with you on their real estate transaction. This method also works with blog posts and social media posts. 

Posting content online gives search engines like Google a reason to send buyers and sellers to your website when they search for key terms that you write about. This means you can generate inexpensive leads online 24/7.

4. Be Consistent

Above all, give your new marketing plan a chance to work by following it consistently for a considerable time. You can’t expect a week-long marketing campaign to fuel your business all year. You need to schedule time each day to continually market your business and keep new leads coming in. 

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Start building your prospect lists today with a 7-day free trial of PropStream!

Published by PropStream March 14, 2022