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Mar 28, 2022 PropStream

We're Donating to K9s For Warriors! Here's How You Can Get Involved

At PropStream, we believe in the power of banding together to give back to a greater cause. 

As you may recall, in honor of “Give Something Away Day” on July 15th (2021), we successfully donated over $30,000 to Autism Speaks. Now, for our next corporate giving effort, we’re targeting another incredible organization called “K9s For Warriors.”

K9s For Warriors’ goal is to eliminate military veteran suicide by providing highly-trained service dogs to veterans who have PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or military trauma. 

K9s For Warriors doesn’t just work to help veterans in need. They also provide loving homes to dogs who come from high-kill shelters. If for some reason, a dog isn’t the best candidate to serve the program’s participants, the organization finds another home for these precious animals.

How We’re Giving Back

To help provide the funding K9s For Warriors needs to continue impacting veterans and homeless dogs; we’re holding a corporate donation effort on social media!

Here’s how you can participate:

From March 28-April 18, 2022, we’ll be sharing various posts across our social media channels dedicated to K9s For Warriors. We’re encouraging all of our users to comment a dog emoji under each K9s For Warriors post we share. For each comment (one comment per profile for each individual post), we’ll be contributing $10 toward our donation effort.

We’ll include a link to the donation page in each post so you can make your own contributions if you’d like. However, all we’re asking you to do for this specific donation effort is comment a dog emoji on each post. We’ll take care of the rest!

We understand that the bond formed between a human and a dog is truly special. The PropStream team adores our furry friends, which is why we want to help K9s For Warriors continue connecting veterans with loving, four-legged companions!

In the wise words of Rodger A. Caras:

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

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If you'd like to make a contribution to K9s For Warriors in your name, follow this link.

Terms and Conditions

This corporate giving effort will be going on from March 28-April 18, 2022. Over this period, we’ll be posting a variety of K9s For Warriors posts across our social platforms. When all posts are live, and the event has ended (April 18, 2022), we will be tallying up comments (emojis) on each K9s For Warriors post separately and combining the results to determine our final donation amount. Only emojis from unique profiles on each post will count for a $10 contribution toward the donation. The same user can comment on separate K9s For Warriors posts on each social platform (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to generate $10 per post. Donations will be capped at $25,000. However, the final donation amount will be determined by the number of emojis from unique accounts commented across posts for all platforms. 

Published by PropStream March 28, 2022