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Jan 26, 2021 PropStream Data Ninjas

Welcome Propstream's Director of Data Science



Matthew Tenney, Ph.D. - Director of Data Science

We are excited to announce Dr. Matthew Tenney's addition as our new lead in Data Science and Research starting February 1st. Matthew will drive PropStream's advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications and help us usher in a new PropStream Education platform to help our community achieve their highest goals.

Before joining Propstream, Matthew was Managing the Data Analytics and Visualization team for the City of Toronto, Canada, where he applied big data solutions to fuel smart city operations. Worked with innovative start-ups focused on changing the landscape of urban accessibility. He was also a Lecturer at world-renowned universities, where he taught big-data analytics, spatial data science, and behavioral econometrics.

Matthew's work uses data-driven innovation to stitch together compelling data visualizations, leading-edge analytical capabilities and harness the power of big data in results-driven outcomes. Matthew and his team will be integrating into the Propstream platform, including market predictions, spatial econometrics, hyper-local profiling and forecasting, and various information products. With these new features in the Propstream offering, we aim to give every investor the bleeding-edge tools they need to make the most informed decisions implementing their financial strategy.


Published by PropStream Data Ninjas January 26, 2021
PropStream Data Ninjas