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Jul 19, 2022 PropStream

To Celebrate One Year of PropStream Academy, We're Doing a Giveaway!

One year ago, we launched our free PropStream Real Estate Academy!

Our goal was to help real estate professionals from all backgrounds gain knowledge about the real estate industry. Additionally, we wanted to share how data can be crucial for accessing properties and identifying potential leads and listings. 

With 10s of thousands of signups and an abundance of satisfied students, we consider the Academy to be a resounding success!

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of the PropStream Academy, we’re giving away a summer PropStream bundle to 3 lucky winners.

Handy for hitting the pool or beach, these items will be included in the bundle:

  • A 1-year subscription to PropStream
  • $100 in product credits
  • A 1:1 training session with Burton, Chris, or Fairist
  • A cute beach tote filled with a towel
  • A water bottle
  • A frisbee
  • A t-shirt
  • A beach ball
  • Sunglasses

How can you join the running to win this bundle? 

It’s simple: all you have to do is complete this form between July 19, 2022, and July 31st, 2022:

You can take any course in the PropStream Academy (besides the Live Webinars and Webinar Replays) to increase your odds of winning the giveaway.

Some of our most popular courses are:

For more information about entering, check out the terms and conditions at the bottom of this post!

We’re so excited to be celebrating our 1st anniversary of the PropStream Academy. We’ve worked hard to make real estate education accessible for anyone who needs it.

What are you waiting for? Submit the form above for a chance to win a summer PropStream bundle!

PropStream Academy Reviews

"This course was AMAZING! I loved how this course provided such valuable info and flowed perfectly. It was not overwhelming. I am looking forward to using the tools that were provided. Go PropStream Team!"

- Shonda R. (Introduction to Wholesaling)

"I was most impressed with the course content and format.

The content was comprehensive, yet easily understandable. The use of visuals, tests, and practical tasks helped to reinforce the knowledge gained. The course not only made me comfortable using PropStream but gave me new and useful knowledge, tips, and tactics regarding the application of the wholesaling strategy."

- Geoff T. (Introduction to Wholesaling)

"Straight forward and aligned with the information provided.

This easy-to-follow, detail-oriented, step-by-step process with practice opportunities & quizzes is a great way for someone like myself, who is extremely new to wholesaling. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot.

Thank you!"

- Shavonne H. (Introduction to Wholesaling)

Terms and Conditions

Anyone can enter this competition, no purchase or course needs to be taken to enter.  All that is required to do is for the contestant to complete the form If a contestant wishes to increase their chances of winning they can complete any course in the PropStream Academy except for Live Webinars and Webinar replays. The instructions will ask you to click a link and provide your contact information and course certificate number (if you have one). Each winner is limited to 1 prize bundle. The promotion will run from Friday, July 19th, 2022, to Sunday, July 31st, 2022. The winners will be announced by PropStream on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, at Noon PST on social media. Winners will be contacted by email. No purchase is necessary to enter this competition. No prize may be transferred or substituted for its cash value—void where prohibited.

Published by PropStream July 19, 2022