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Jan 12, 2024 PropStream

PropStream Quick List Spotlight: Divorce

In today's unpredictable real estate landscape, characterized by soaring interest rates and persistently low inventory, identifying promising leads has become challenging.

However, challenging does not mean impossible.

Amidst this uncertainty, one invaluable tool stands out as a beacon of opportunity for real estate professionals: PropStream. With its comprehensive data and innovative features, PropStream empowers users to uncover niche markets, including a particularly lucrative one—Divorcees.

Divorcees are often recognized as motivated sellers, as a divorce forces homeowners to navigate complex property ownership dynamics. For this reason, a common resolution is selling the property and equitably dividing the return.

For real estate agents, investors, brokers, etc., recognizing and engaging with this demographic presents a unique opportunity to provide assistance during a challenging period while securing a promising deal or listing - creating a win-win scenario.

Leveraging PropStream to build a divorce lead list offers a multitude of advantages, like:

  • Filter stacking allows for marketing efforts to be hyper-targeted. By integrating additional parameters such as financial difficulties like liens or bankruptcy, multiple properties owned by divorcees, or large houses signifying downsizing opportunities, real estate professionals can craft a more tailored approach to meet the specific needs of these individuals.
  • Creating multiple lead lists for various types of divorce leads can significantly streamline organizational efforts and facilitate the development of personalized pitches. Once leads are divided into lists, you can easily craft and send bulk postcards or emails to these lists in just a few clicks.
  • The List Automator add-on feature enables users to stay informed about any changes in their current leads' criteria while informing them of new divorce leads, ensuring timely and proactive engagement with potential clients.

How To Find Divorce Real Estate Leads Using PropStream’s 5 Easy Steps

real estate leads

Step 1: Choose a search region.

Step 2: Select the “Divorce” Quick List.

Step 3: Add in any extra filtering criteria you’d like to target your search (e.g., related to mortgage, owner information, property features, etc.).

Step 4: Save promising divorce leads to marketing lists.

Step 5: Run a skip trace and begin your campaign within the software.

Want to see the Divorce Quick List in action and start building your lead lists? Activate your 7-day free PropStream trial and enjoy 50 leads on us!


FAQs Regarding Divorce Real Estate Leads

Is divorce considered a financial hardship?

Due to the hefty legal fees required during a divorce, the division of assets, and the household income being separated, divorce is considered by many to signify financial hardship.

In fact, divorce/separation is identified as one of the five valid financial hardships for qualifying for a loan modification.

How to become a divorce real estate agent?

As a real estate agent, it can be beneficial to “niche down” and learn to work with a specific demographic to i.) become an expert in that area, ii.) identify leads your competitors may not be aware of yet, and iii.) have a creative approach to lead generation in any market.

One niche you may benefit from choosing is divorcees (AKA a “divorce real estate agent”). To become an agent who specializes in divorced clientele, you’ll need a resource for consistently generating divorce leads.

You can use PropStream to start building your divorce lead lists, using PropStream’s skip tracing and other marketing tools to get in touch.

How to find divorce real estate leads in California?

PropStream's divorce data and other convenient filtering options helps users in California find divorce leads in minutes!

How to find divorce real estate leads near me?

PropStream offers divorce real estate data nationwide. So, no matter which state, city, or zip code you live in, you can search for local divorcees with just a few clicks.

Published by PropStream January 12, 2024