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Apr 15, 2021 PropStream

PropStream Launches New Data Filter: Pre-Probate

PropStream, the leader in real estate big data, is excited to launch its newest data filter: Pre-Probate.

Probate is the legal process of administering a person’s estate after their death. This includes changing the name on a property title from the deceased to the heir or next-of-kin.

With this new Pre-Probate data from PropStream, users can identify properties with deceased records. These records can be associated with one or more current property owners.

“Those who monitor the real estate market may be familiar in working with potential clients who have undergone the probate process,” said Tyler White, VP of Strategic Operations. “Many properties may never go through the Probate process. This dataset allows users to find these properties that may otherwise be overlooked.”

PropStream's real estate data platform can now identify more than 3.5 million properties that are Pre-Probate. Our users can choose if they want to target or avoid properties that are in this situation. Pre-Probate data should be treated with sensitivity and provides an opportunity for our users to identify this sensitivity ahead of their communication process.

PropStream’s Pre-Probate dataset joins over 130 filters and more than 20 quick filters. Real estate investors, agents, lenders, brokers, and professional service providers use these filters to cultivate targeted properties and create leads to identify motivated sellers.

To learn more about PropStream’s filtering capabilities and how to incorporate Pre-Probate data into your real estate strategy, tune into our weekly webinars or speak with our expert product team at PropStream.

About us:
PropStream is the leader in real estate big data, providing the opportunity to find and connect to motivated sellers and get the best return on your investment. We help real estate investors, agents, lenders, brokers, and professional services providers who want to simplify and accelerate their business using the best real estate marketing and management tools available. Propstream provides superior multi-sourced data and targeted marketing, allowing you to search over 154 million properties nationwide.

Published by PropStream April 15, 2021