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Nov 09, 2023 PropStream

Pre-Enroll in Follow the Buyer: A Cash Buyer Webinar!

Whether you’re a wholesaler, flipper, landlord, or agent, cash buyers can be an excellent resource to help take your career to new heights.

Why are cash buyers preferred?

A history of buying property entirely in cash can signify wealth in a homeowner. As a real estate professional, this can indicate that the owner may be on the hunt for their next property. Or, they may offer creative financing for your next investment.

If you fall into one of these categories, we have exciting news for you:

PropStream has cash buyer leads (available as a convenient Quick List option within our filtering capabilities), and we want to help you find them in our upcoming Live Webinar: Follow the Buyer: A Cash Buyer Webinar!

Join our Product Specialist, Chris Hardwick, on November 21, 2023, at noon PT for this interactive webinar as he takes us through the Cash Buyers filtering option in PropStream. In addition to a live demo utilizing this filter, you’ll learn:

  • What a cash buyers list is, by definition
  • How to build a cash buyers list using PropStream
  • The significance of real estate cash buyers
  • How to run comps using cash buyer data
  • Which real estate professionals these lead types are beneficial for, and why

And more! 

There will even be a Q&A session at the end so you can learn everything you need to know about building your real estate cash buyers list in PropStream.

Can’t make it to the live session of Follow the Buyer: A Cash Buyer Webinar? Check out the replay in the Academy (available on November 23, 2023). 

We look forward to seeing you on November 21 for this can’t-miss Live Webinar. Pre-enroll today to reserve your spot!

Pre-Enroll for Free

Want to follow along with the webinar? Activate your 7-day free PropStream trial today!


Additional Frequently-Asked Questions Regarding Cash Buyers for Real Estate

Are cash buyers usually investors?

Some cash buyers are investors with the capital to purchase a property without a mortgage or other financing options. A good indicator they are an investor is if the user has multiple properties, which can be discovered using PropStream’s “Linked Properties” feature in the Property Card.

Can you find cash buyers on PropStream?

Absolutely! We make it easy and efficient for you to find cash buyers on PropStream with our Cash Buyers Quick List.

How do you organize a cash buyers list for wholesaling?

With PropStream, you can use the Cash Buyers Quick List to search for these owners in any location. 

Once you’ve applied the Quick List, you can filter stack to narrow your search even more (e.g., cash buyers with several properties, cash buyer properties that are non-owner occupied, properties with individual cash buyer owners, etc.).

From there, save specific cash buyer leads to various marketing lists to stay organized for easy outreach later.

⚡ Psst! Want to see this strategy in action? Pre-enroll in our Live Webinar: Follow the Buyer: A Cash Buyer Webinar, happening November 21, 2023.


How much do cash buyers pay for houses?

Cash buyers often have the money to pay for a house outright, indicating wealth. 

However, since most property purchases are not all cash, cash buyers typically pay less than market value and then sell the property at a profit. This is why cash buyers often target homeowners who need to sell quickly for a specific reason.

Published by PropStream November 9, 2023