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Dec 05, 2023 PropStream

Introducing Our New Course, Niche Down: Senior Owner Lead Generation!

Whether you’re an agent, investor, broker, or somewhere in between, with fewer sales and a lack of inventory, you need to get creative with where you find fresh leads or “motivated sellers.”

In our latest free course (inspired by our commercial), Niche Down: Senior Owner Lead Generation, we highlighted one particular demographic who may be motivated to sell: Senior owners!

Why is real estate marketing to seniors beneficial?

Senior owners are one of the most beneficial lead types to consider reaching out to because Baby Boomers are the largest demographic of homebuyers in 2023

Part of this trend is due to this demographic's life transitions (e.g., retirement, grandkids being born, etc). They may want to live near other people their age after retiring or be closer to their kids and/or grandkids. Also, senior owners often have physical limitations that make them want to eliminate the burden of stairs or reduce their property upkeep.

Senior owners can be categorized in the “downsizing” lead category, as they often stay in their family homes for several years (maybe even decades) until retirement age and beyond. At this point, they may be ready for a change.

As a real estate professional, you can help a senior owner sell a burdensome property while scaling your business!

How? PropStream It!

PropStream offers a Senior Owners Quick List, and our pros at the PropStream Academy want to show you how to use it effectively in Niche Down: Senior Owner Lead Generation.

What To Expect From This Interactive, In-Depth Course

In this course, you'll delve into the intricacies of using PropStream's advanced filtering capabilities to build your senior owner’s list, as well as:

  • How to filter stack to further niche down within the senior owner demographic
  • How to run comps on properties to create a rock-solid pitch
  • PropStream’s add-on features to support your journey to working with senior homeowners

And more!

Somewhere in your region, there’s a senior owner ready to move on from their property and start a new adventure elsewhere. With PropStream, you can quickly begin building your senior owner lists and making connections. Let us show you how.

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Published by PropStream December 5, 2023