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Apr 05, 2022 PropStream

Fix and Flip Like a Pro: Find Properties & Maximize Your ROI!

You dream of taking an old house, giving it a facelift, and reselling it for a significant profit.

Fix-and-flip real estate can be a very profitable business venture if you play your cards right. However, before you take the leap, you’ll want to do some research to decide if this is the best avenue of real estate investing for you.

To help newer fix-and-flip investors get started, we’re rolling out a new, free course in our Academy: Fix and Flip Like a Pro: Find Properties & Maximize ROI!

This course will cover:

  • How you can use PropStream to find off-market properties (the perfect candidates for a profitable flip!) using advanced filtering capabilities 
  • How to find up-and-coming areas using our Heat Map and Statistics tab
  • How to choose a property and estimate renovation costs using our Rehab Calculator
  • How to pitch to qualified leads for the best impact
  • Financing options for your fix-and-flip project
  • Additional tips and considerations when fixing and flipping

And more!

PropStream’s nationwide datasets paired with intuitive, built-in marketing tools help you find the best candidates for a fix and flip. Get the most detailed overview of properties and plan a budget for your renovation before spending a single dime on the project.

Learn how to use real estate data to find the best deals by taking Fix and Flip Like a Pro: Find Properties & Maximize Your ROI today!

Enroll for Free Now!

Published by PropStream April 5, 2022