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Apr 25, 2022 PropStream

How to Prepare to Contact a Lead as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

We all know the saying: First impressions count. When it comes to real estate leads, though, a good first impression is absolutely essential.

Making a first impression with potential clients is so much more than polite phone greetings and quick email responses. By laying the right groundwork, you can gain trust, prove your position as a local real estate expert, and secure a new deal.

The following tips will help you prepare to reach out to your leads as a real estate entrepreneur and make your first impression count.

Do Your Research 

Think of your initial phone call with a client as a job interview. You must "wow" them with your knowledge, expertise, and effort. To do this, put together a document featuring relevant information about a property (or properties!) that you're interested in working with them on.

PropStream’s comprehensive database of over 153 million properties gives you access to detailed information, such as Ownership Information, Property Details, Mortgage History, Tax information, MLS Details, nearby Comps, and much more. This data can give you a leg up on the competition and is great to have on hand during your initial phone call and for follow-up meetings.

Use Data

In our digital age, having the right data on hand is crucial. Your leads will expect you to be an authority within your real estate market. They are relying on you to assist them in understanding trends, market metrics, and any other key data they may need to confidently work with you.

Thankfully, PropStream is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. It lets you gather market insights from comprehensive property data and neighborhood trends. You'll have immediate access to market values and potential profits. It’s these key metrics that can build instant trust with your leads.

Have a List of Questions

Rather than leaving it up to your leads to ask you questions, ensure you have some prepared for them, too. Is it their first time selling? What makes now the right time for them to sell? What are they hoping to get out of the arrangement?

Doing your research to determine what a homeowner wants from the sale is just as important as researching the property itself. Understanding their expectations can help you prepare to make a deal, ultimately allowing you to decide if the prospect is worth pursuing further.

Also, showing an interest in their feelings may just make you stand out from local competitors who are taking a more cold, or "money-hungry" approach with them.

Personalize Your Script

Crafting pitches and creating scripts for real estate cold calling is common among real estate entrepreneurs, but we recommend personalizing your follow-up as much as possible for ultimate success. Also, think about what they have to gain from making a deal with you rather than making a pitch that revolves around yourself.

Are they in a difficult situation you can help them get out of? Are there better opportunities for them if they move on from a certain property? Hit on a pain point for your prospect before getting into your experience, knowledge, or expertise.

The Next Steps to Securing Real Estate Clients

Once you’ve perfected your preparation, it’s time to build on your groundwork and make those all-important calls. Whether you’re new to real estate or want to brush up on your cold-calling skills, our Real Estate Direct Marketing 101 course can help. It’s part of our PropStream Academy and is completely free to enroll with your 7-day free trial.

From skip tracing and crafting a pitch to closing a deal and more, you’ll learn everything you need to successfully grow your client base.

Published by PropStream April 25, 2022