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Feb 07, 2022 PropStream

How to Market Effectively To Leads

You’ve generated a few marketing lists, and you’re ready to reach out to your prospects.

Before you hit “send” on that postcard, email, or text message or make a cold call, you’ll want to make a plan for communicating with the homeowners. How you present yourself, your skills, and your proposal is critical for grabbing their attention.

Not sure how to start your marketing campaign? Let us help!

Do Your Research

Before speaking to a contact, perform a deep dive into the property in question.

A “Property Details” page is available for each property on our platform. Using the Property Details page, you can learn the value of a property (in non-disclosure states, the sale price is estimated, in disclosure states, the sale price is collected through public record data), the homeowner’s name, how much they owe, and so much more!

After you’ve learned everything there is to know about a property, print out a report of your findings right within the software. If you’re meeting with your prospect in person, you can go over the data to make a case for your business proposal.

Cold-Calling and Emailing

One mistake many entrepreneurs make is using the same generic pitch to every prospect. 

Sure, you can save some time and create a script for emailing or calling, but make sure you can manipulate it to address a specific contact based on their unique circumstance.

A great way to do this is by creating lists organized by the motivation to sell. From there, you can create custom email templates with language that’s appropriate for each situation if you don’t have the time to write out individual emails.

PropStream as an All-in-One Marketing Solution

Now that you know how to prepare for your outreach, it’s time to figure out which medium you want to use to gather your contact information and send marketing materials.

PropStream offers intuitive marketing tools right within the software to help you save time and money! Our marketing features include:

  • Skip tracing: Skip tracing allows you to locate any email addresses and phone numbers available for your leads. 
  • Email Campaigns: Use your contact information to start an email campaign within the software and monitor email clickthroughs.
  • Postcards: Postcards are a great way to market yourself while staying on a lead’s radar. We offer many pre-designed postcard templates or the ability to design your own.
  • Custom landing page: Create a free web page to direct prospects to so they can learn more about your experience/credentials.

Use marketing features as frequently as you’d like to work with your monthly budget. To see our complete pricing list, click here!

Start Closing Deals Using Your Marketing Lists!

Having access to PropStream’s robust datasets allows you to do the bulk of the research for a homeowner before you’ve even spoken with them. 

Don’t just tell them how you can help them by negotiating a deal; show them the proof by printing a report for their property.

Want to learn more about direct marketing as a real estate professional? Check out our free Academy course, Real Estate Direct Marketing 101!

Published by PropStream February 7, 2022