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Apr 19, 2022 PropStream

How Real Estate Teams Are Using PropStream to Get More Leads

While we’re known for our wide range of real estate data, our incredible features don’t stop there!

Did you know you can enjoy PropStream as a team? Whether you’re a broker seeking access for your real estate teams or an investor looking to add an assistant, PropStream makes it easier than ever to work with team members.

3 Options for Access: Web, Web and Mobile, or Mobile Scout

When you’re ready to add your team member, you’ll first want to decide the level of access you’d like them to have.

Do they primarily work on the go? Do you only need them to access PropStream from a web browser? Or, do you want them to have all the intuitive, convenient functions of both our web and mobile applications?

Each level of access has its own pricing (pricing is per team member per month):

  • Web and mobile access: $35 per month
  • Web access only: $20 per month
  • Mobile Scout: Free with a PropStream subscription

Pro Tip: As the account holder, you can set permissions on your account which allow team members to perform skip traces, send emails, and send postcards. Worried about them running up an expensive bill? Set a limit on how much each team member can spend per month!

What Each Level of Access Includes

Not sure which access level to choose for your team members? We’ve got you covered:

Web Access Only

If your team members don’t need to work on the go, you may find web access alone to be the most convenient and cost-effective option.

With web-only access, team members can help you out by:

  • Building marketing lists
  • Running comps
  • Performing a skip trace
  • Sending postcards

And much more from their computer. To see a full list of PropStream’s web capabilities, check out our “Features” page!

Web and Mobile Access

With web and mobile access, team members can help find and identify properties in the field or from their computers.

Access to the web and mobile applications helps your team members find the best deals at any time of day from any location. Additionally, web and mobile access is great for negotiating with clients.

Whether your team members are making a phone call from the office or meeting up with a prospect for coffee, they’ll always have access to detailed, up-to-date information about the property in question!

Pro Tip: Not sure how to set up your team with the desired permissions? Give our customer support team a call toll-free at (877) 204-9040.

Mobile Scout

Mobile scouts are able to enjoy a variety of features on the mobile application for free, including:

  • Saving properties of interest
    • As a Mobile Scout, team members can see the address, number of beds and baths, square footage, year built, and lot size of each property
  • Making notes
  • Setting tags
  • Assigning the property to a paying team member (account holder, a team member with web access, or a team member with web and mobile access)

For team members who identify leads based on the physical appearance of properties, being a Mobile Scout is ideal as it’s free and convenient for the entire team to work within the same platform.

Pro Tip: Want to get a more detailed overview of the mobile app? Take our Academy course: Drive for Dollars with the PropStream Mobile App!

Are You Ready to Use PropStream as a Team?

Teamwork truly can make the dream work in the real estate industry.

No matter what type of real estate entrepreneur you are, with PropStream, you can bring team members on deck to generate the most leads in the least amount of time.

PropStream makes it easy for real estate teams to identify and pursue qualified leads, without each team member having to pay for their own separate account.

If you haven’t started an account with us yet, try a 7-day PropStream free trial before committing to a full subscription!

Published by PropStream April 19, 2022