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Feb 17, 2022 PropStream

Free Do Not Call List Scrubbing With PropStream’s Skip Tracing Service

To help our users make the most educated and calculated marketing decisions regarding individual homeowner phone numbers, we’ve revamped our multi-sourced skip tracing service!

Our most recent update includes scrubbing your skip-traced phone numbers to flag contacts who are on the DNC (Do Not Call) list. This new feature is free with any new skip trace performed in PropStream (available for our web and mobile applications).

Below, we explore additional perks of our skip tracing service and discuss why this new update is so beneficial for real estate entrepreneurs. Keep reading to learn more:

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating someone. Businesses often use it for locating people’s phone numbers and email addresses.

The PropStream Difference

PropStream is the only real estate data provider that offers DNC scrubbing for free with our skip tracing service, with no minimum orders required. With other providers, you’re left to run your contacts through a third party to uncover contacts on the DNC list, adding extra time and cost to your lead generation process.

Having this information in one place is crucial for making the most informed decisions for your business, so we decided to offer it to our users for free with all new skip traces!

Skip Tracing With PropStream

PropStream’s skip tracing service provides multi-sourced contact information from the top industry providers, making your results the highest quality in the industry.

Fun Fact: Our skip tracing service covers 98% of the US adult population!

When skip traced contact information appears in your PropStream account, it’s automatically organized in chronological order from most to least recent, making it easy for you to decide which results to start with. 

For each contact you choose to skip trace, you can receive up to four results per category (e.g.: four cell phone numbers, four landline phone numbers, and four email addresses).

Pro Tip: If you want to learn about skip tracing best practices, check out this article.

We understand you’re busy and ready to reach out to your contacts, so results are ready within minutes when you perform a skip trace! There’s no minimum, so you can skip trace as few or as many contacts as you’d like while only paying for skip traces that return results.

The icing on the cake? All of these perks are available for as low as 10¢ per skip trace with our List Automator add-on, or 12¢ per skip trace with a standard subscription! Do Not Call List scrubbing is automatically applied to each skip trace with the same low price, so you can avoid the hassle of having your contact lists run through another source.

Pro Tip: Check out this video to learn how to skip trace with PropStream!

Why You Need to Know Which Contacts Are on the DNC List

Depending on the type of real estate business you operate, the legality behind calling leads on the Do Not Call Registry can be a bit of a gray area.

When you skip trace with other providers, no information is scrubbed in your results unless you choose to pay extra and the provider offers this add-on. What does this mean? Well, you’re potentially handed a list of contact information with contacts who are, and are not, on the DNC list with no indication of who is who!

At PropStream, we don’t remove a contact’s information if they’re on the DNC list. Instead, we add a flag within your contact list indicating the category that individual falls under.

Our PropStream Skip Trace DNC flag also includes known litigators: (a) Federal & State Do Not Call Lists (b) Government Numbers, (c) Attorney Numbers, (d) Anti Telemarketing Groups, (e) Plaintiffs of litigation, and Pre-Litigation cases.

What you choose to do with this contact information is entirely up to you. However, we feel that you should have this information easily accessible to make the most educated decisions.

Disclaimer: PropStream doesn’t offer legal advice and recommends consulting a legal professional if you’re unsure about the laws surrounding contacts on the DNC Registry. To help you educate yourself about telemarketing and solicitation laws, we’ve included a few links for your convenience:

Index of Telemarketing Sales Rules

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Telemarketing, RoboCalls, and Call-Blocking

Save Time and Money With PropStream Skip Tracing!

Whether you’re an investor, agent, lender, or another real estate professional looking to streamline your lead generation process, we offer the tools you need while saving you time and money!

If you’re ready to use industry-leading data and skip tracing software to generate qualified leads in minutes, sign up for a 7-day PropStream free trial today.

Published by PropStream February 17, 2022