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Nov 02, 2023 PropStream

Exciting PropStream Update: New and Improved Skip Tracing!

Real estate is a fast-moving industry. When you find great leads, you must also find ways to connect with homeowners quickly, making skip tracing a crucial part of a real estate professional’s marketing plan.

For 15+ years, PropStream has worked to step into the shoes of real estate professionals and deliver what they need the most, driving our software evolution. This insight led us to conveniently offer skip tracing through our platform, which is why we’re excited to share our latest update!

Our New and Improved Skip Tracing Export Feature

We understand the value of accurate skip tracing for your business, so we’ve released an update to improve our skip tracing service to display the highest quality, most up-to-date hits first in your export. Now, the best cell phone numbers will be displayed first, followed by landlines and other phone numbers.


Why We Made This Change:

Previously, if customers used our skip tracing exporting service, they would discover that the contact information was not displayed from the most to least relevant. Instead, it was returned in a mixed order, so users would have to call several numbers to find the correct contact info (sometimes two or three spots from the top). This led some users to believe their skip trace was not returning accurate information. 

We value our users’ time and are constantly working to provide the most efficient and convenient services possible, which is why we made this necessary update. We’re committed to helping real estate professionals grow and scale their businesses with PropStream, and we’re excited for our users to try this update!

In addition to the new phone number organization, here are some other benefits of skip tracing with PropStream:

  • Free DNC (Do Not Call) list flagging to help you stay compliant and be aware of contacts who may not respond well to cold calls.
  • No hit? No charge! Because who wants to pay for information they never received?
  • The broadest coverage in the nation to help you find contact information no matter where you work (Psst! We cover 98% of the US adult population).
  • Multi-sourced information from the top industry providers so your data is as accurate as possible.
  • Quick and efficient results so you can start cold calling or texting within minutes of performing your skip trace.
  • Mobile app skip tracing capabilities so you can find contact information on the go.
  • No minimum purchases are required to allow you to skip trace one contact or 1,000 contacts.
  • Affordability meets quality with some of the lowest rates in the industry (12¢ for the average user and 10¢ for our List Automator users).

Want to see our update in action? Activate your 7-day free trial or log into your PropStream account and start skip tracing today!


Published by PropStream November 2, 2023