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Aug 16, 2022 PropStream

Contractor Marketing 101

You have the necessary licensure and skills to begin working as a professional contractor, but those factors are only part of getting your contracting business off the ground.

Now, you need to find some clients! To land clients in your community, there are a few marketing tactics and tools you’ll want to add to your belt. In this article, we cover 4 tips for pitching to potential clients and an overview of PropStream’s marketing tools you can use to make pitching easier and quicker.

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Tips For Pitching to Clients

Leaving a strong enough impression to persuade potential clients to work with you is a form of art.

Rather than just blanketing neighborhoods with flyers with one generic pitch, you’ll want to adopt a strategy for your outreach.

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Perform Your Research

Make sure the service you’re offering is relevant to your prospect. Be prepared to tell them why they need the service you’re offering.

Example: “Did you know the average lifespan of your wooden windows is 30 years? I see that you’re the original owner and that you moved in about 29 years ago. You may want to start thinking about replacing them because as they get older, they’ll become less efficient at keeping heat and air in the house, increasing your monthly utility bill.”

Additionally, if you’ve uncovered a potential financial motivation, you may also want to mention that.

Example: “I see that you have high equity in your home. Did you know that you may be able to take out a HELOC to replace your driveway?”

2. Let Your Prospect Know Why You’re the Contractor For the Job

This is the perfect place to highlight your knowledge and expertise.

If you’ve serviced other homes in the neighborhood, earned a license specific to your craft, or have a notable accreditation, that would be worth mentioning in your pitch.

3. Think About Questions You May Need to Answer

The last thing you want is to be caught off guard with a question you don’t have an immediate answer to.

If a homeowner is considering using your services, one of their first questions will be about pricing. Don’t make them jump through hoops to get a quote. Take a thorough look at the property, calculate the pricing, and keep it on hand.

If you have to hang up and call them back or ask them to fill out an online form, you’re decreasing the odds of getting in touch with them again. In turn, the odds of landing the job will decrease.

Other common questions you should be prepared to answer:

  • What does the timeline for this project look like?
  • Do you offer payment plans? What does the schedule look like?
  • Are there other projects you’re working on that could impact the schedule?
  • How and where do you store tools if the job takes several days?
  • Are there hidden charges/fees in addition to the original quote?

If you can’t answer a question immediately on the phone, ask the homeowner when the best time to call back would be for the highest likelihood of an answer.

4. Keep the Prospect’s Needs at the Forefront of Your Mind

One of the most fundamental tips for sales and marketing is to put yourself in a potential client’s shoes and address their pain points.

Get creative with how you pitch and focus on the client’s needs rather than your own. You don’t want to start a pitch by talking about what a fantastic roofer you are. Start by mentioning that the homeowner may want to replace their roof soon as it’s prone to leaks in its current condition.

Over time, leaks can cause water damage and mold, putting their family members at risk for health issues. Once you’ve piqued their attention and earned their trust, then you can begin telling them a little more about yourself and your experience.

PropStream’s Marketing Tools

When you’re ready to make a pitch, PropStream has everything you need to create and organize marketing lists, collect contact information, and reach out to job leads in one convenient location.

Here are some of our intuitive marketing tools to help you make an impression:

Marketing Lists

Note: Many of PropStream’s marketing tools are add-ons. Check out our pricing page to learn the cost of each tool.

You can create several marketing lists to keep specific criteria organized.

For example, if you service pools, you can make one list for in-ground pools and one for above-ground pools. Or, if you service driveways, make one list for asphalt and one for concrete.

Additionally, you can create lists based on your leads' specific regions. Having location-specific lead lists can help you craft your pitch by offering insight into potential project timelines, necessary materials and labor, budgeting, etc.

Organizing job leads will help you tailor your pitch to exact demographics rather than sending one general pitch to everybody.

Perform a Skip Trace

Once you’ve built your marketing lists with quality leads, you can perform a skip trace within the platform. A skip trace is simply the process of collecting contact information (phone numbers and email addresses).

Fun Fact: With each skip trace, you’ll receive a complimentary DNC (Do Not Call) List scrub!

Reach Out By Email, Phone Call, Or Postcard

Once you’ve collected the necessary contact information, make a phone call or send an email to your leads.

You can start your email campaign right within PropStream. Track the open rates while sending specialized emails to each list. With postcards, all you need is the recipient’s address, so you don’t need to perform a skip trace to send them.

Are Your Contractor Marketing Skills in Tip-Top Shape?

While finding great job leads is crucial, it’s only part of the process of landing a contracting job.

You can easily find leads and then lose them if your contractor marketing skills are lacking. So, do your research, anticipate possible questions, and be mindful of the client’s perspective. Putting in the extra effort to make a killer pitch will be well worth it!

Still on the hunt for job leads to reach out to? Try our 7-day free trial and enjoy 50 free leads on us!

Published by PropStream August 16, 2022