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Dec 09, 2020 PropStream

5 Things Successful Brokers Do Each Week

Brush, floss, shower, shave, moisturize — these are all part of our routines. Although many brokers are working from home these days, showing properties online and on video rather than in-person, showing up as your best self each day is still critically important.

We all have our personal habits that contribute to our success. Although our industry can be filled with the unexpected, having certain routines is important to preserving physical and mental health — especially as we all navigate uncertain times.

What are some of the business habits that successful brokers and agents adopt each week to boost connections and sales? The following is a combination of PropStream's own best practice suggestions and advice from our expert community. 

1. Make an Achievable List of Goals

The keyword here is "achievable." A day in a broker or agent's life can be unpredictable, and client needs can sometimes plunge even the most organized broker's day or week into chaos.  But by creating simple to-do lists each week, you'll be more likely to make time for important activities to grow your business. 

You can either use a template designed specifically for real estate brokers or create your own simple system. Using one of the many to-do list apps will ensure that your plans are as close as your phone every day. Realtor John Castle of Ottawa suggests writing your goals (annual and weekly) out by hand.  Whether you're digital or analog, you'll be more likely to achieve your objectives if you formalize them. 

2. Track Trends

Set up feeds on your devices (phone or laptop) so you can start each day with the latest and (hopefully) greatest news about what's happening in the real estate world.  Bookmark your favorite sites on your devices. Just as people used to read the morning newspaper to stay informed about world events, incorporating the digital version of that into your daily routine will help you start each day smarter and better equipped to share vital information with your clients and prospects. 

Denise Supplee, Realtor at Long & Foster in Pennsylvania, studies local trends carefully. "I watch very closely the stats of what is new on the market, how the prices are and what has sold," she says. "How long are properties hanging? I check through the homes that settled and watch for what the actual price was less any concessions." 

Use an accurate, dynamic and timely database to stay on top of local trends. The right platform can save you hours of research time.

3. Be Social

Staying active on social media is a great way to become and stay top-of-mind with the 4 billion people who currently use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. If you don't have the time or interest in managing your own social feeds, engage a specialist who can do it for you. 

Content creation (e.g., blogging) can also be a great way to establish yourself as a thought leader. James McGrath, New York broker and co-founder of Yoreevo, says, "If you are not creating content in 2020, you're going to be irrelevant fast. Buyers and sellers are going online for information. You need to make sure you're there providing them the answers and establishing yourself as an authority in the industry. "

4. Touch Past Clients

Word-of-mouth referrals are a great client source, so it's important to keep your past clients in your orbit. You never know when they might have a friend in need of an agent. Susan Code, associate real estate broker at Houlihan Lawrence of Westchester County, New York, sends (via e-mail) something of interest to her database each week as a way to stay top-of-mind. You can accomplish the same thing over social media or with a physical newsletter.

5. Interact in the "Real World" 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on human connection, New Jersey Broker Associate Jennifer D'Elia makes an effort to interact with local businesses every week:

"I make sure to randomize them. Maybe a pizza place one week and a small-town boutique the next. I go to the small mom-and-pop places. I interview them for a social media post, add them to a list of local places to visit, participate in a fundraiser they may be having. Most important is: I do not talk about real estate — ever. It's not about me. It's about them."

You need to build a routine that works for you and your community. Above all, remember that real estate is a relationship business. Whether you use the latest technology or a basic notebook and pen, setting and sticking to goals leads to connections and — ultimately — deals. 

Above all, remember to brush and floss. Even if you are on Zoom, everyone loves a friendly smile.

Published by PropStream December 9, 2020