Access MLS Properties Nationwide

With PropStream, you don't need a real estate license to access active, pending, expired and failed listings on the MLS nationwide. As a matter of fact, you will see more property related information for MLS properties than most real estate agents and other real estate professionals have immediate access to!

Comparable Home Sales

PropStream generates COMPS from MLS sales and county recordings, providing you with the most current and accurate COMPS available. If you choose, you can draw on the map and select specific results, or refine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, change the date range and distance then view the specific details...

Rehab Estimator

PropStream will help estimate real rehab costs before purchasing a property or hiring a service provider. From flooring to roofing, plumbing to electrical, and everything in between. Unlike any other service, PropStream’s Rehab Estimator uses local labor and material costs to create complete, do it yourself estimates as well as calculates what you can expect to pay a local contractor.

Built-In Marketing Tools

Market directly to your prospects with PropStream's built-in marketing features! Customize and send postcards, email campaigns, deploy in-browser online advertisements, create website landing pages, and even send voicemails directly to your prospects cell phones and digital landline voicemail without ringing their phone.

Step-By-Step Analysis Wizard

Use PropStream’s built-in step-by-step Analysis Wizard to calculate the purchase, mortgage, income, expenses, and sale of a property. Then view detailed mortgage analysis, improvements and rehab, rental, expenses, cash flow, taxes and deductions and property sale reports. You also can tap into our database of 6.5 billion document images and download Deed Documents, Assessors Maps and more.

Find Owner Contact Information

PropStream will help find e-mail addresses, landlines, and cell phone numbers for up to 80% of the property owners on your lists! PropStream’s built-in marketing features quickly deliver voicemails, postcards, emails and online ads directly to your prospects.
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