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How to Utilize the Analysis Tool on PropStream

Are you interested in researching the total rehab costs associated with a specific property? Or determining the cash flow of your latest buy and hold rental investment? Use the analysis wizard on PropStream to quickly generate essential reports in an easy to read PDF format.

Video Transcript: How to Utilize the Analysis Tool on PropStream

To use the analysis tool, first click on a property to open the property details page. Now, click the Analysis button in the top right corner. This popup will ask you to fill out five categories of information:

  • Purchase
  • Mortgage
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Sale

Provide as much information as possible for the best results and please keep in mind that the user will need to determine this information on their own.

Under “Purchase” input the type of property, the purchase price, and cost of any improvements. You can even provide a detailed breakdown of the improvements. Then click Next.

On the “Mortgage” tab, provide the type of mortgage, the amount, and the interest details. This section is dynamic, so your choices will change depending on the type of mortgage selected. Then click Next.

Now you can enter the closing costs associated with this deal, either as a lump sum or a detailed breakdown. Make  sure to update  these with the relevant closing costs for your area for more accurate results. Then click Next.

The “Income” tab asks for monthly income amounts and the annual income increase, while the “Expenses” tab asks for total monthly expenses and the annual expense increase. Provide as much information as possible, then click Next. 

Finally, the “Sale” tab will ask you to designate the property’s starting value, annual value increase, sales cost, tax rates, and depreciation. Then input the term of the analysis as a year and month.

Once all the details have been entered, click on the “Finish” tab to download your PDF reports. The different options include:

  • Complete Analysis
  • Mortgage Analysis
  • Improvement/Rehab Analysis
  • Rental Analysis
  • Expenses Analysis
  • Cash Flow
    Taxes and Deductions
  • Property Sale

Once an analysis is complete, click “Save” to store it in your account. You can find these reports later by going to the property details and clicking “Documents and Reports” or selecting “Analysis” again.