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How to Use the ADU Calculator in PropStream

With our ADU Calculator, users can easily estimate the cost of adding an ADU to a subject property, customize an ADU estimate with several options regarding build quality, and get a total estimate for the entire ADU as well as a breakdown of the cost of each component. Watch our video below to see the ADU Calculator in action!

Use the ADU Calculator

Our ADU Calculator has been thoughtfully designed to support industry professionals in accurately estimating property comparables when considering the addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to their subject property.

To utilize the ADU Calculator in PropStream, begin by opening the property card for your subject property. From there, navigate to the “Tools” dropdown menu and select “ADU Calculator.”

Once selected, a user-friendly popup will appear, guiding you through the following selections:

  • ADU Type: Choose from options like Detached, Attached, Above Living Area, Above Garage, or Garage Conversion.
  • Square Footage: Explore common sizes ranging from 200 to 1200 square feet.
  • Quality of the Build: Tailor your estimate by selecting from five grade levels, spanning from economy to designer.
  • Optional Add-On Features: Enhance your project by including optional features such as HVAC and laundry.

After completing the required fields, the ADU Calculator will present a detailed breakdown of the total estimated cost, visually represented by color-coded categories that align with the circle for quick comprehension.

Also, the ADU Calculator is designed to remember your chosen settings for future calculations, streamlining your experience for enhanced efficiency.

Thanks for watching our tutorial on the ADU Calculator in PropStream!