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How to Access the Rehab Calculator

In addition to offering the most robust database of property information, PropStream also offers an abundance of useful tools like the built-in Rehab Calculator! If you're planning on renovating an investment property, the Rehab Calculator will help you plan and follow a budget by estimating the cost of individual projects and presenting you with a total.

To learn more about the Rehab Calculator, check out this video:

Video Transcript: How to Access the Rehab Calculator

To get to the Rehab Calculator, you're going to need to get to the Properties Details. So search the property, click on details, and click on the Rehab Calculator. If you haven't already, it will prompt you to save the property. So go ahead and do that. Then click on the Rehab Calculator once more. 

So first thing you're going to need to do is fill out the properties characteristics that can be found on PropStream under the Property Details tab, and on our dashboard. You may also include features and materials if that information is available. After the properties characteristics have been applied, go ahead and click on estimate new project costs and name that project.

At this point, you have three avenues to take. You can search by popular projects. This will pretty much package your rehab that you're about to perform. You can search by individual actions if you know exactly what line items you need, feel free to select the line items and whether you're installing or removing, or complete remodel by area. This feature is more like an auto wizard.

Simply select the things that you need done, like painting the exterior, lighting on the exterior, painting the interior, kitchen remodel, and maybe an HVAC refresh as well. Once you've selected the options that you need, go ahead and hit submit and the calculator will take care of the rest. Once completed, you'll be able to hit view estimate and break down this project summary.

See what the project costs will be and the do-it-yourself costs, along with a detailed breakdown of each project that will be performed, and feel free to make any adjustments that you need to as well. Finally, Project Report will allow you to print out the rehab report so that you can take it to your contractors, buyers, and even homeowners.

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