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How To Access Expired Listings in PropStream

Expired listings are a hot commodity among real estate agents and investors in a rapidly changing market, and we HAVE THEM! Save time and energy by targeting homeowners who have already tried to sell their property and failed.

Video Transcript: How To Access Expired Listings in PropStream

Whether you’re an agent or an investor, expired listings are a prime lead to target since the homeowner tried and failed to sell their property. With PropStream, you can find expired listing leads in just minutes. Here’s how:

  • Login to PropStream and search your market from the ‘Filter’ Menu
  • Select ‘Failed Listings’ as your Quick List choice
  • Under ‘MLS Status’, enter 90 days minimum for the ‘Days On Market’
  • And under ‘Ownership Info’, enter 3 years minimum for the ‘Years of Ownership’