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Find More Leads, Close More Deals

Most Trusted Provider of
Real Estate Information

PropStream® is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We empower real estate entrepreneurs with the data, tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Powerful Data + Targeted Marketing

Increase efficiency and find more opportunities. PropStream helps you locate, evaluate and market to highly-motivated buyers and sellers.


Identify Leads

Determine the right market to grow your business by searching over 155 million properties nationwide:

  • Locate fresh properties within your target market
  • Find and create prospect lists with 120+ targeting criteria
  • Identify property owners who are motivated to sell

Research Properties

Easily search and evaluate properties to see if they match your investment goals:

  • Gather market insight from comprehensive property data and neighborhood trends
  • Immediate access to market values and potential profits
  • Instantly generate comps from the most current and accurate data from MLS sales and county recordings

Market To Your Leads

Build targeted marketing lists to reach more leads, book more meetings and close more deals – with less work:

  • Reach your prospects through customizable marketing tools
  • Find your next customer – before they even know they’re in the market
  • Track your marketing activities and stats

The Power of PropStream

Customizable, Detailed, Nationwide Search
Increase efficiency and miss fewer opportunities.


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Deeds / Sales






MLS Record History


Involuntary Liens


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PropStream Benefits


Simplify Your Processes – PropStream consolidates real estate data from across the U.S., in a simple easy-to-use solution. If you need real estate property data – we have that. Need comps – we have that too, and so much more! All within the same solution.

Cost-Effective – Save time and money with an all-in-one solution. You no longer have to pay for or access multiple providers for the data and tools you need. 

Data That Fits Your Goals – No matter your goals, if you are a wholesaler, real estate investor, landlord, buy and hold investor, fix-and-flipper, or you’re an Agent or Broker looking for the next deal – we have the data you want.

Knowledgeable Customer Support Team – Go ahead, try to stump us. Our data experts can assist you with everything from getting started and how to do something to PropStream best practices and tips & tricks.

Introducing the PropStream Mobile App

We get it – you’re constantly on the move scouting properties, researching property’s potential, and making deals. Your busy life demands an all-in-one solution that gives you the tools required to stay connected while on the go. The PropStream mobile app gives you access to the power of PropStream - from anywhere, at any time.

Identify Leads

Now when you’re driving for dollars, tap a property on the map to pull its details. Or search millions of properties nationwide to identify a target area and the properties that meet your search criteria.

Research Properties

Trying to determine a property’s current and potential value? The PropStream mobile app makes it easy to search and evaluate your leads, as well as build comps on-the-go.

Locate Property Owners and Market to Them

Want to engage with property owners directly from your phone? Now you can send ringless voicemails, customizable postcards, or emails all from your mobile device. Reach your prospects on the go and be the first to close the deal.

PropStream Mobile

What are you waiting for?

Get started today! To experience the Power of PropStream, sign up for a free 7-day trial.

PropStream Testimonials

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At Overlook Real Estate, we love to use the Propstream mobile app because it allows us to quickly review properties on the go. This is particularly helpful when driving for dollars, as I can pull my car over, open the app, review the property and then even send a mailer straight from my phone. This is a must-have app that we use daily.

The web application is an essential tool for us as well. What I love most about the web application is the ability to pull various lists, such as absentee owners or failed on-market properties. This helps us target specific homeowners that may be interested in selling their property. In addition, the ability to quickly and easily create mailing campaigns with existing templates or importing our own has allowed us to affordably send more mailers and save us time to do other business tasks.

Michael C
Overlook Real Estate - Dayton, OH
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Propstream is the #1 real estate tool we use at Rocking Porch Homes. I've subscribed for two years and likely will never cancel. We use Propstream to find very niche lists to direct mail. Every single one of our deals have come from Propstream's data. We've tried other mail house data and it never hit.

I like how we can sort our list based on whom we're targeting, and Propstream automatically updates the status of the property whether it was sold, went on the market, etc. What's great about them as well is they're always improving the product. It seems there's a product update every month or so, and each time the data gets more niche. Niches = less competition = higher margin deals. Like I said, we plan to never cancel and it's a must-have for our marketing efforts.

Joe C.
Rocking Porch Homes - Atlanta, GA
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PropStream is such a wonderful tool to gather data as an investor and real estate agent. It has helped tremendously in my business and I hope to use it more and more in the future.

Jarrett Thronton
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I have been a Commercial Realtor for 20 years and have never had a better tool than PropStream! It's a system! All the pieces of information that are needed to make an informed buy, sell, or leasing decision are on the PropStream platform. And if I should ever place my license on inactive as I become an Investor, I don't have to be concerned that I'll no longer have access to MLS - - the MLS information is included in PropStream! It's time to work smarter. I am loving and using PropStream!

Donna Winfrey
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PropStream is the absolute best real estate data service in the world. With PropStream I was able to research distressed properties, as well as distressed sellers both ON MARKET and OFF MARKET. I was able to farm areas of my interest, as well as create spreadsheets that would allow me to export to other marketing services. PropStream also saved me countless hours, allowing me to run and print comps in minutes. That helps me make quick offers, as well as prepare for auction properties. I love PropStream.

Randall Vargas
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PropStream has been the biggest blessing to my company. Without the efficiency of database management that PropStream provides, accessing key property information separately would be extremely time-consuming. The value of this level of efficiency alone cannot be underrated. We couldn’t imagine searching every county in every state for individual tax information, property data, and comparables.

Tai Norman
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THE BEST software for investors since Google!

Kingston Haywood
A Google Review